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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Norma Believes in a United Democratic Party
Norma registered 4000 high school students in 2016 and nearly 1000 to date in 2017
Norma Alcala for Women’s Vice Chair California Democratic Party



The Women’s Vice Chair position must be converted to a vital and working part of our Democratic Party.

The Yolo County Central Committee in Yolo County, where Norma Alcala and Alex Rooker live, this week voted overwhelmingly to endorse Norma Alcala for CDP Women’s Vice Chair.  Realizing the importance of the endorsement of their home central committee, both candidates fought hard for bragging rights to the endorsement.  Buoyed by a huge groundswell of grassroots activist support, Norma Alcala was able to double the votes of the restricted delegates appointed by elected officials that Alex Rooker brought to the endorsement meeting.

The same pattern occurred last month when the Sacramento County Central Committee also voted overwhelmingly to endorse Norma Alcala.

The Yolo County and Sacramento County Central Committees now join the recent club endorsements from the John F. Kennedy Democratic Club, Wellstone Progressive Democratic Club, River City Democratic Club, Upton Sinclair Democratic Club, and the Sacramento Latino Democratic Club in recently endorsing Norma Alcala.This week Norma Alcala also received the much coveted endorsement of the Chicano Latino Caucus of the California Democratic Party.

Democratic Clubs that had dwindled in membership, now have thousands of new members anxious to contribute to the resistance to the Trump agenda.  We cannot squander this opportunity by treating this election as a proxy fight between Hillary and Bernie supporters. Rather, it is our Party’s chance to welcome this new energy, to embrace young activists delegates, and to mentor and guide their progressive agenda.  We must focus our collective energy on our goal of resistance to the Trump agenda by defeating the Congressmen that carry Trump’s water.

I promise to bring a culture of hard work that works hand in hand with all people.   In 2016, I registered 4000 high school students in various counties: rural and urban. Last month, I registered

April 12, 2017 at Pioneer High School

hundreds in three high schools. Next week I am scheduled to register 523 students at Davis High. These students will be a tsunami in 2018 and 2020.

We need to go after swing Congressional Districts that the Republicans have held for the last three consecutive elections since 2010: the 21st, 10th, 49th, and 39th.  All have a CPVI (Cooks Partisan Voting Index) of five or less.  Join me in making the Women’s Vice Chair job a working position.

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