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Kamala Harris

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how people keep saying that folks are going to lose their health care if the Republican repeal bill passes.

And you know what: we need to stop saying that. It’s time for us to speak the truth because what’s really happening is that they are trying to take health care away from us. We’re not losing it — I didn’t leave it on the bus or forget it somewhere. No, they’re taking it away from us.

So here’s what we have to say instead:

“Don’t take my health care!”

“Get your hands off my Medicaid!”

“Leave our insurance alone!”

And then let’s talk about the facts of this fight. This bill is going to benefit the 0.4% wealthiest Americans. Let that sink in: 0.4%. Republicans are trying to steal health care from 22 million people in order to help 0.4%, the wealthiest of the very wealthy. That math is just all wrong.

Let’s talk about values. Health care is not a privilege for the few, it’s a right for all of us. This issue is about taking away people’s right to have access to meaningful health care. It is a civil right and should be thought of as a human right. And it’s not about what we’re going to lose, it’s about them trying to take it from us.

We have to say:

“We will not let you!”

So here’s the deal: we’ve done a really great job of forcing the delay on this vote and I know a lot of folks are rightly celebrating. But I’m writing to you today to say that the fight has just begun. The fight is this weekend, this upcoming week as Members of Congress head home for recess, and the upcoming weeks after that when they’re back in Washington.

And what we have to do is use all of our energy and our power to win. We need to talk, we need to march, we need to shout, we need to call, we need to email, we need to text, and we need to tweet.

If your senator opposes the bill, thank them and ask them to continue doing everything possible to stop it. Reach out to friends in states with senators who are still on the fence. Maybe even have some conversations with friends or family members. Tell them about what is at stake with this bill and about the actions they should take to make sure it gets defeated.

If your senator supports the bill or is undecided, explain how this bill will impact you or your loved ones. Tell your story (you can use this link to share your story with our campaign.) Tell them that if they vote to take away people’s health care, they should — and will — lose their jobs.

You can find events in your community here, courtesy of folks like you and me who are working hard to defeat the GOP health care bill:

Be persistent, be passionate, and be persuasive.

We have to talk to everybody about the fact that it is just wrong to play politics with public health. It’s really wrong.

No regrets. NONE. Call everyone you know, talk with everyone you know. Tell your stories. And let’s bring this home and then we can celebrate together.

Right now, we have work to do.

Thanks for everything.

Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

P.S. Today is our FEC fundraising deadline. Unlike many in Washington, I am very blessed to have grassroots supporters like you who fuel our campaign and allow me to focus on doing my job, not fundraising. And the truth is we’ve exceeded our goals for June, including raising an astounding $200,000 for colleagues of mine in the Senate who are up for re-election. That’s an incredible achievement and it’s why we’re not asking you to donate today.

With this weekend being so important to the health care fight, I’d rather spend my time directing your energy there — because this next week is the most important one yet, and we need to have no regrets when Congress comes back in session.

You know what to do. Thanks again for everything. -KH


“Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation.”
– Coretta Scott King