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Dear Fellow Democrats:  

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I know that many of us have been talking about the incredible challenges we overcame together in 2018, and the stunning victories that our hard work accomplished. There was a lot to be proud of last year –  from the Blue Wave that decisively washed over California and helped us take over the House to the historic number of women and minorities that were elected nationwide. 

But New Years isn’t just about celebrating our progress in the past year – it’s about looking to the year ahead of us and asking ourselves a simple question: how can we do even better?  

In the spirit of that question, we’re sharing a few of our favorite Democratic New Years Resolutions: 

 – Hold Trump accountable. Now that Democrats control the House – thanks to the amazing effort of California Democrats to get out the vote in crucial Congressional districts – it’s more than just a wish to hold Trump accountable for his heinous acts of bigotry and corruption. Democrats in the House are already making moves to ensure that they get answers from this runaway administration. To help hold Trump accountable in 2019, can you call your Representative and ask them to support the efforts of House Democrats? 

 – Help stop the assault on LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants, people of color, and other minorities. Trump and his GOP colleagues have let hatred run rampant. Hate crimes against marginalized groups have increased drastically since 2016, and it’s up to us as California Democrats to use every bit of influence from our victories in last year’s election to protect the rights of groups that are under attack. To make sure we have the resources to check hatred at every turn, and put an end to violence and discrimination, could you pitch in $20.19? 

 – Get involved. At the CDP, we believe that our country’s democratic process works best when people are engaged, understood, and fairly represented. Can we count on you to consider running for office or helping out on a campaign? 

To us at the CDP, it’s clear that the future is bright and – blue. We’re ecstatic to be going into 2019 with you.

Democratically Yours,

Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker, Acting Chair
California Democratic Party