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Hey all,
We’re in the final stretch of this campaign: with Labor Day behind us, we have 8 weeks left until election day (and 4 weeks until ballots drop!).  To help make the contrast between Brynne and Tom crystal clear in the final weeks, we’ve created traces Tom’s career, from writings where he attacked Social Security and openly advocated for dismantling the retirement system his constituents depend on, equated national service to “slavery” and referred to America’s all-volunteer military as “a dismal failure” — to a 40-year career as a politician pushing similarly extreme ideas in Sacramento and Washington. In 2008, former California Republican Governor Pete Wilson said McClintock was “the first to criticize and the last to help the team,” and Veterans Press said his “utter disregard for active duty troops and veterans (was) shocking.”
Please help us push out far and wide!
  • see someone pushing misinformation on social media? Respond with the facts and a link to!
  • encourage your network to familiarize themselves with Tom’s record!
  • check out the subpages on healthcare, seniors, veterans, COVID, and more!