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*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Today, David Binder Research released its findings from a July poll showing our campaign up 16 points in an initial head-to-head vote against Ed Hernandez. 

With 97 days to go until the November General Election, and with at least 33 percent of voters still undecided, we know we have to keep working hard all the way to Election Day. But here’s what we know: voters strongly support Eleni’s vision for California’s future and her proposals to fight for affordable education, environmental protection, and an economy that works better for all Californians.

The Poll Memo states: Kounalakis has wide leads among Democrats (44% to 26%) and Independents (45% to 22%), and a 3-point lead among Republicans. 

She also leads across age groups: by 20 points among Generation X voters and Baby Boomers, 10 points among Millennials, and 5 points among Silent Generation voters.

Across regions of the state, Kounalakis leads by 27 points in the San Francisco Bay Area, 20 in the Sacramento/Valley region, and 12 in Southern California—including a 12-point lead in Los Angeles County.

Donations of any amount today make a big difference. We have received over 2,500 contributions – from recurring $5 donations to the maximum $7,300. Whatever you can give today will help get us one step closer to victory on Election Day.

For those who have already given – thank you! Please forward this email to friends today, and help us spread the word about Eleni’s campaign for a better, stronger California!


Thank you!

Team Eleni

P.S. A donation of any amount will get us one step closer to victory. Thank you for your ongoing support!