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Dear Fresno,

Today, Fight Back CA released an exclusive poll conducted in California’s 22nd Congressional District that shows Democratic candidate Andrew Janz is within 5 points of Devin Nunes! What’s more, it shows that Andrew has the wind at his back as we head into the last two weeks of the election.


Because of your support, Fight Back has been in the 22nd district since May communicating to Latino and independent voters about Devin Nunes’ horrible record in Congress – his silence on the trade war that is devastating farmers in his district, his silence on the Trump family separation policy, and his politicization of the Intelligence Committee as a virtual arm of the Trump White House.


Now we have a chance of sending Devin Nunes home and sending Andrew Janz to Congress to work every day on behalf of his constituents in Fresno and Tulare counties, unlike Devin Nunes who hasn’t held a town hall in his district since 2010.


I am asking for your help one more time to help us get Andrew Janz over the finish line.


Here are the key findings from the poll:

  • Devin Nunes clings to just a five-point lead, 51% to 46%. Andrew Janz has cut his deficit in half from our September poll (51% Nunes-40% Janz).
  • Andrew Janz is leading among independent voters for the first time in this race, 49% to 40%. In September, Nunes led independents 40% to 37%. A candidate must win independents in order to win the district.
  • Andrew Janz has an overwhelming lead with Latino voters, 69% to 26%. Nunes has dropped nine points with Latinos, from 35% to 26%, since September.
  • Andrew Janz has successfully consolidated Democratic support in the district.


I served with Devin Nunes in Congress, and I know that district deserves better from their Representative. But no one thought until this year that a district that Nunes has consistently won by 20 and 30 points can be in play.


But with your help, we have proven that any district can be competitive when there is the right combination of early communication, a strong Democratic candidate, and an incumbent who has left his district’s needs behind for his own self-interest.


Please help us fund the last two weeks of our campaign to defeat Devin Nunes and send Andrew Janz to Washington.


And while we are at it, winning a Democratic majority on November 6th!


Together we will change the direction of our country.

Thank you for your continued support,

The Hon. Ellen Tauscher
Fight Back CA

Paid for by Fight Back California,, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.