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California Passes New Gun Control Legislation For Mothers Day
This Could Have Been the News Headlines with Lenore Albert As Chair

  • Lenore Albert is the only Chair Candidate who made gun control legislation a priority issue.
  • Lenore Albert is the only Chair Candidate who made pushing real legislation part of her platform.
  • Lenore is the only Candidate with 17 years trial lawyer experience.
  • Lenore is the only Candidate who is a professional consultant on extremism.



Leveling the Playing Field - Mandate Insurance for Gun Owners

Some Gun Control Statistics

202 students have been killed since 1970 in school shootings
Trying to figure out why someone kills other people does not always get answered like the Las Vegas shooter. 
Anti-government and white supremacy extremist groups are on the rise at an accelerating pace.
Government funding to track ex-military that join these extreme right-wing groups has dwindled

Judy Phillips Died 5/21/05

Judy Phillips Was Shot in The Head After Mother’s Day As She Drove Her Car Out of the Garage

My friend Tricia, Judy’s daughter listened as her mother was ambushed while backing her car out of her garage. Judy Phillips was shot point blank in the head. Although her estranged boyfriend never hit her, she had a restraining order against him because he was acting strangely after the breakup – like spray painting her car while she was in church strange. She thought it would be safe to go back to her home to get her jewelry if she had her daughter on the phone with her. I spent the following week trying to help Tricia pick up the pieces of her shattered life. This man who shot Ms. Phillips already had two strikes but not in the area of domestic violence. Those prior incidents could have caused his ability to obtain insurance on that handgun – unobtainable. Insurance doesn’t fix everything, but it is a really good start. 


Gun Control Legislation Is the Best Mother’s Day Gift I Could Come Up With.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a Chair that was committed enough to give you a real start at coming up with real legislation that you not only can campaign on, but actually implement?

You can find the draft gun control legislation here. It requires all people who purchase a firearm to insure that firearm.  I have already fielded people who are Second Amendment rights advocates and who work in the insurance industry and they are willing to come over to our side and not obstruct the passage of requiring insurance for each firearm purchase.

Homeowner’s policies already insure one firearm home accident. This is like vehicle insurance. You want to buy that firearm, before you leave the store with it, you must show proof of insurance. How much do you think the insurance company will charge if you have a child at home or if you want to buy an assault rifle or you are stockpiling firearms? This does not offend the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution anymore than automobile insurance offending the Constitutional provision giving all of us the right to travel. See we have already been down this road before – literally making its fiscal impact modest.


It’s About Showing It, Not Just Saying It.
Happy Mother’s Day!

This is what this party can advance to with Lenore Albert as Chair. She is the only candidate with 17 years experience as a consumer rights and constitutional rights trial lawyer.

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