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TJ Cox for Congress


JUST IN: Democrats lead early vote returns in CA-21

Support still needed: Chip in a donation to fuel Dem turnout efforts >>


The first early vote results are in for the CRUCIAL election that’s taking place in California’s 21st district. The verdict: It’s still very early and anything can change, but Democrats have the lead. There’s so much work we still need to do.


CA-21 Early Ballots Submitted






Rush a donation to turn out Democrats in CA-21 –> 


CA-21 is a district where we NEED Democratic turnout to exceed normal expectations. We have the registration advantage in this district, but we face historically low voter participation — that’s why Democrats are focusing so hard on turnout here.


We’ve significantly ramped up our field efforts to turn out as many Democrats as possible and ensure TJ Cox wins in CA-21 so we can flip this seat. Please, chip in an urgent donation to support our turnout push in this crucial race >>



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