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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Yesterday evening, we filed our FEC report. And what it showed was that we are funding this campaign in an unprecedented way.

Never in the history of politics has a campaign raised so much money from so many individual contributions with such a low average donation ($19) as we have.

I am very proud of that fact.

But the truth is, we were out-raised this time. Not by much. But enough that we are going to need a lot more donations from people like you to catch up. So today, I have to ask:

Can you please make your first online contribution to our 2020 campaign? Even $2.70 goes a long way and will help us win. Thank you.

Emails like this are the primary way we fund our campaign. It’s quite extraordinary when you think about it. But that is why your response to these messages is so important.

In solidarity,

Faiz Shakir
Campaign Manager




Paid for by Bernie 2020

(not the billionaires)

PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402

 We hope you’ll stay, because emails are such an important part of how we organize and how we raise money. In fact, there is no single greater source for our campaign’s fundraising than emails like this one. And that’s important, because no one person, not even Bernie Sanders, can take on Trump and the billionaire class alone.

Before you go about the rest of your day, help power our fight against the billionaire class by making a contribution today.