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On Sunday Governor Jerry Brown signed into legislation the strongest Net Neutrality protections in the country. In today’s digital world, the internet is critical to free speech, economic justice, and the integrity of our democracy. This new law will protect Californians from Internet Service Providers who will slow down websites and create special “pay-only” fast lanes if left unchecked. I was proud to play a key role in making sure this bill arrived on the Governor’s desk safe & sound.  

The Trump Administration says our concerns about Net Neutrality are “completely baseless” and immediately sued us to invalidate this important law.

I say: bring it on.

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Powerful special interests hate Net Neutrality, and they’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump in the White House, Ajit Pai in the FCC, and Jeff Sessions in the Justice Department to destroy one of the pillars of the internet California helped create: equal access.

California passed the strongest Net Neutrality protections in the nation, because we will not surrender our progress to an administration dead-set on rolling it back. 

If you believe that the Internet should remain in the hands of the consumers and support Net Neutrality — make a donation today and stand with me as we take this fight to Washington.

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