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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


I’m reaching out to you now because I need your input as our campaign enters its next phase. 
The coming months will be critical. We’re making big investments in grassroots organizing to build this campaign from the ground up. I will be on the campaign trail in key states to keep sharing our positive message and platform with voters. And in June, I’ll be taking the debate stage to share more of our ideas with the nation and contrast our campaign with others in the race.
As my team and I work to put together our strategy for the coming months, I want to make sure your voice is heard. 
We are running a campaign we can all be proud of — because it’s about people. Ours is truly a campaign of, by and for the people. All the hard work we are doing to win this election is personal. 
That’s why it’s so important that my team and I hear directly from you about the issues that matter to you, your family, and your community. Online surveys like this one are tremendously helpful — they let me and my team know what’s on your mind.
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. 
For The People,
— Kamala Harris