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Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: I’ve always believed that healthcare should be a right for everyone. 

That’s why I’ve supported Single Payer healthcare, also known as Medicare for All, throughout my three decades in public service.

From my days as a California assemblyman in the early 1990’s to my 24 years in Congress when I represented Los Angeles (starting in 1993), my voting record will tell you this, too.

Our healthcare system is still unaffordable for too many of our California families. And just as our nation’s leaders of years past did not sit back, I will keep fighting for your health rights as your Attorney General.

When Franklin Delano Roosevelt stood up and fought for Social Security in 1935, there were many naysayers but he didn’t back down.

When Lyndon Baines Johnson stood up for Medicare in 1965, there were naysayers who even expressed fear but he didn’t back down.

We will never sit back in California. If we have the opportunity to put Single Payer healthcare forward in our state, I’m ready to fight hard for it. 

None of our loved ones should have any uncertainty about being able to access a doctor or a hospital.

That’s why I’m also using every legal tool I can as your Attorney General right now to protect the affordable healthcare we have in place, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

In fact, I’ve sued the Trump Administration on more than one occasion for trying to cut our affordable care — when it threatened to end cost-sharing payments for health subsidies and when it attempted to limit access to contraceptives for women.

Thanks to our effort in court to defend access to birth control, the Administration had to shift course, and our efforts to protect health subsidies are still underway.

I won’t sit back — not tomorrow, and not in the years ahead to defend your right to healthcare.

Can I count on you to stand with me?

Thank You,