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**For Immediate Release**

Press Contact: Mari Harren, (810) 844-6796


National Association of Letter Carriers Endorse Andrew Janz for Mayor of Fresno


FRESNO, Calif. (January 16, 2020) — The National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 231 has endorsed Andrew Janz in his bid for Mayor of Fresno. 


“I’m proud to have the endorsement of the National Association of Letter Carriers. I’m grateful for their support and look forward to working alongside them to continue to fight for working people,” said Andrew Janz.


Eric Ellis, California State Association of Letter Carriers District 4 Officer and National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 231 Legislative Officer states the following:


“NALC Branch 231 is proud to endorse Andrew Janz for Mayor of Fresno. Andrew is a staunch advocate for labor, knows that a strong middle class means strong communities, and cares deeply about the people of the Central Valley. He is a perfect fit for the city of Fresno and will have the courage to stand up to any effort to harm working people or privatize any local government services.”



Andrew Janz is a Fresno County prosecutor running for Mayor of Fresno. Andrew’s top priorities are addressing poverty and long-term homelessness, expanding funding for parks and open spaces, and enhancing public safety. Janz is 36 years old and resides in Fresno with his wife Heather and their two dogs.