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*** Tony Thurmond has been endorsed for State Superintendent of Public Instruction by the CDP ***

Dear Friend,

In March, Santa Fe High School students participated in the March for Our Lives.  Today, we grieve for the students and teacher who lost their lives in another senseless act of school gun violence at Santa Fe High School.

Our schools are places of learning, of growing, and of hope — we cannot allow schools to be places of violence.

I remain committed to the movement for gun reform.  Please join me in calling on our President and leaders in Congress for gun control now.  Please continue to hold me and my fellow California legislators accountable for protecting students.

I have dedicated my career to education and helping youth grow up healthy, happy, and safe.  In the State Assembly, I have worked to connect the school districts I represent with resources for gun violence protection training, and I have been a strong advocate for greater mental health services, including school-based mental health services.  I’m proud to consistently disappoint the gun industry with my voting record. 

As Superintendent, the safety of California’s students will be my top priority.  You can read about my platform for keeping students safe on my website at

To all the children, parents, and educators who have participated in the March for Our Lives movement — the fight is not over.


Thank you,

Tony Thurmond