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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to over 60 high school students studying civic engagement through a 4-year program called CIVITAS in Sacramento. It was exhilarating to talk to so many young activists and future voters and to discover their eagerness to learn more about how to get involved in the Democratic Party. My time spent with these students was a reminder of why I am running for Secretary of the California Democratic Party.
These students are eager to get involved, and the majority of them already participated in a phone bank or canvas last year! We need to train activists of all ages across the state, so that we have more well-equipped leaders on the ground as we begin to fight some of our biggest battles. The more well-trained our party is, the easier it will be to identify future Democratic leaders.Many students asked me how they can get involved with the party right now. Unfortunately, I needed to follow up by email to answer most of their questions because the information currently available on the CADEM website is outdated. As Secretary, I would take on the project to update the CADEM website so that activists don’t have to go through additional hurdles to get plugged into our efforts. People are fired up in these trying times, let’s not lose good people because we have outdated information.

Students also asked how they can find out what other students, clubs, and leaders are doing around the state and how they can connect with Democrats in red counties to provide additional support. I believe that the party must create a mechanism for making sure our leadership stays up to date about what is happening around the state and what our activists need. We are stronger together when our efforts are aligned and well-communicated.

Finally, I believe that the kind of outreach I did last week should be done strategically by all party leaders across the state. We must bridge the gap between seasoned leaders and emerging activists. Every Democrat, no matter their age, has the energy and skills to bring to the table when it comes to ensuring that our party continues to strengthen and evolve.

I hope that with your support I can become our party’s next Secretary so that together we can train, update, connect, and outreach in order to make sure that California Democrats can succeed in 2018 and beyond!

To learn more about me and about my campaign, please connect with me on Facebook, visit my website, or simply reply to this email.

Democratically yours,

Jenny Bach
Candidate, CDP Secretary