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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

One of my Republican opponents claims to be leading in the polls. This is my same Republican opponent who says he’s running “to take this state in a different direction.”

Right now California leans forward.

We’re leaning forward to advance clean air and drinking water, to make sure everyone possible can afford a doctor, to right wrongs in our criminal justice system, to stop sex trafficking, gangs and gun violence, to end financial fraud against students, seniors and workers who use their hands to help build California.

Moving “in a different direction” would put all of this at risk.

California is the economic engine of our country. This didn’t happen overnight. It took people like you and me standing together — standing up to defend our rights and to advance fairness and opportunity.

Will you chip in $5 to help me keep California forward-leaning?

We’ve had at least 18 legal victories in federal court to protect our values.

With your help, I’m ready to continue the fight for our families — for their safety and the important principle of our nation that everyone who works hard deserves a chance to get ahead.

But with my Republican opponent claiming he’s leading in the polls, we cannot take anything for granted.

Can you give $5 or more today?

Together, I know we can keep moving forward!


Thank You,