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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

As a dad, my heart breaks for every parent who has lost a child to a school shooting or to gang violence. As California’s chief law enforcement officer, I have prioritized gun safety. 

But today, on Gun Violence Prevention Awareness Day, I need your help. 

Whether you join a “Find a Wear Orange” event or take to social media, the families of gun violence are counting on us to lift up gun safety solutions, and explore what more we can do to keep our families safe.

Can you chip in $5 to support some critical gun safety efforts already underway?

In California, we’ve taken on the NRA and won.

Our special agents confiscate illegally held weapons around the clock. Some days, they enter homes expecting to find a few illegal weapons and instead find dozens of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

But there’s more we can do to prevent the next mass shooting.

My team is in touch with lawmakers, community leaders, advocates, families who have lost loved ones and our local law enforcement, to explore every option possible.

Will you give $5 today to support our gun safety efforts?

We need to ensure everyone affected by gun violence — or with an idea to prevent the next tragedy — has a voice.

Thank You,