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TJ Cox for Congress

This is what it’s all about! 


It’s Election Day, and Team TJ is out in full force turning out voters in the Central Valley. 


I’m getting ready to get back out there with the team, but right now we need your support to keep our turnout operation running at max capacity up until polls close at 8:00 pm PT.


We wouldn’t be asking if this wasn’t crucial to our efforts. Can you rush $10 now to help get more voters to the polls so we can flip this seat?


Thank you,


Francois Genard

Campaign Manager 


— begin forwarded message —

From: TJ Cox for Congress

Subject: Election Day is here!


Happy Election Day! 


It’s finally here. Today, voters in California’s 21st district will cast their ballots. If things go our way, we’ll FLIP this longtime Republican stronghold once and for all. 


We’re doing everything we can to make sure no supporters stay home today. We’re counting on you to keep our turnout efforts running without a hitch until the polls close at 8:00 pm PT tonight.


If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Thanks, Michael. Now, let’s get out there and flip this seat!


TJ Cox for Congress





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