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Mueller’s testimony makes it clear: Donald Trump has not been exonerated of obstruction of justice.

Democrats/Join us.

Robert Mueller’s testimony reinforced that Donald Trump has not been exonerated of any crimes. It also highlighted that:

  • Over 30 people have been indicted as a result of the Mueller investigation
  • Mueller’s findings revealed a pattern of disturbing, secretive contact between Trump’s inner circle, Russia, and WikiLeaks
  • And it’s all part of Donald Trump and his administration’s staggering culture of corruption

This is not business as usual, Michael. Now more than ever we must sound the alarm and I need our strongest supporters like you to make your voices heard right now.

Add your name if you agree: No president is above the law.



Donald Trump has made one thing clear: None of this scares him. Not one single bit. Heck, he even said that, if given the chance, he would accept help from foreign actors to win an election AGAIN.

We must be prepared for the fight of our lifetimes in 2020 — and the only way we can do that is by banding together right now. We can defend our democracy against Donald Trump and his allies. Are you with me?

Add your name to hundreds of others who know that the law does apply to Donald Trump, his administration, and his campaign.

Thanks for standing with us,


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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