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We are alerting Democrats about Marisa Wood — a public school teacher and Democrat running a historic campaign to unseat GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy. To support Marisa Wood’s campaign, chip in here. 


We’re closing in on ten months since we launched our campaign to unseat Kevin McCarthy. We’ve come a long way, so I wanted to take a moment to share more about why I’m in this race.

It’s pretty simple: I’m a mother, a wife, and an educator who has spent decades teaching students in this district. I’ve met hundreds of parents and did my utmost to improve the lives of the kiddos I served. I’m running because I’m sick and tired of seeing our community come dead last — in income, job opportunities, environmental quality, and so much more. Generation after generation, year after year, nothing seems to change.

Kevin McCarthy hasn’t just ignored our community, he works against us. He’s out for vain leadership roles, plays politics, and appeases Trump at every turn. Someone needed to step up. That’s what I’ve always done, and it’s why I’m in this race:

Next week marks our February end-of-month fundraising deadline, and we need to see A LOT of grassroots donations come in to send a message that we’re dead serious about defeating Kevin McCarthy. Can you chip in $3 today to support our efforts?

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Thanks for your support,

Marisa Wood
Teacher for Congress