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The California GOP has been lying about their campaign to recall Democratic Senator Josh Newman since day one. Now they’ve tripled down on the outrageous lies to hide the truth about what their wasteful recall really means for SD 29 voters and California.

Lying to voters about the content of a recall petition is against the law; that’s why Senator Newman and Democrats are taking the GOP to court to demand they stop misrepresenting the recall as a petition to lower the car tax.

Now Republicans are shamelessly “playing the victim card,” as OC Weekly put it.

Here’s the truth: No one should be exempt from laws that prevent voters from being tricked by misleading information. Our election laws aren’t like discounts at a pizza joint; the three CSUF College Republicans who helped put the illegal petition on the streets don’t get special treatment by showing their campus ID.

Volunteer to help #MaulTheRecall — sign up today.

The Republicans behind the recall effort have admitted their effort is aimed at one thing: making it harder for elected officials like Josh Newman to stand up for our Democratic ideals and vote for progressive priorities like SB 562 or repairing our roads.

We can’t let them get away with these lies. Democrats must #MaulTheRecall.

Democratically Yours,

Clark Lee, Political Director
California Democratic Party