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“Rep. Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million over parody account of his disgruntled ‘cow’”
– Los Angeles Times

Over the past year, Rep. Devin Nunes has spent more time feuding with a fictional cow who hurt his feelings than fighting for Central Valley residents. It’s time for him to moooove over. Chip in now if you agree >>

News flash: the people of the Central Valley — and across America — are suffering because Devin Nunes is more concerned with his image than actually working for his constituents.

But make no mi-steak, Bobby Bliatout is running for Congress against Nunes because it’s time working people had a leader who will fight for them.

Cow puns aside, this is a serious email, Michael — Nunes is actually suing Twitter and an imaginary cow because he can’t handle criticism of the poor job he’s doing in Congress.

It’s time to end the udder chaos surrounding Nunes. Please, chip in $5 or more today to become a founding member of Team Bliatout today.

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While Nunes is trying to milk Twitter for millions over a few jokes and stirring up beef with a made up cow, Bobby is ready to fight for the people of the Central Valley. Bobby believes we should be building the middle class up by making health care more affordable, investing in our education system, and protecting our farmlands.

If we want to beat Nunes in 2020 and send a champion for the Central Valley to Congress we need your help.

It’s time for us to moooove on from Devin Nunes and his attacks on working people. Please chip in $5 or more and become a founding member of Team Bliatout today.

Thank you,

Not Devin Nunes’ Cow
A real person from Bobby Bliatout’s campaign