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Progressive Power

I wanted to send a quick note today with some exciting news. Our campaign is grabbing local and national attention because of our focus on the issues. The Fresno Progressives endorsed me on Thursday and are joining my team to spread our message throughout the Valley. And this morning, Blue America joined Team Franco and asked their followers and supporters to donate to our campaign.

I am so pleased that the campaign I started is really connecting with voters. I spent this past weekend talking to constituents in Dinuba and the response has been so encouraging. People are excited about this election and want to talk about the issues that are important to them. I am honored to be able to reach out to them.

But I do need your help! My campaign is people-powered, but it does need cash to function. We can do a lot with just a few dollars. If you can send just $5, we can turn that into clipboards, flyers, signs, cups of coffee, and volunteer outreach for my campaign. Consider joining the true progressive campaign and donate here. Thank you!

And please visit for more information or join me on Facebook or Twitter to chat. I enjoy discussing issues with friends and neighbors.