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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

Mike Thaller says Goodbye
to Progressive Caucus.

Progressive Caucus Chair years says “Goodbye” as he runs for CDP Controller.


Mike Thaller, an officer in the Progressive Caucus for 8 years, said “Goodbye” to the Progressive Caucus this morning so he could concentrate on the CDP Controller race and whatever follows it.  Mike has been active in the San Diego County Democratic Party and the CDP for about 14 years and has no intention of leaving either…or the Progressive Caucus.  He declares that it is time to move on from the leadership of the Caucus as he puts his professional experience as a Controller in two separate industries to work for the CDP.

Mike has been a strong advocate of the Caucuses and co-founder of the “Caucus of Caucuses,” empowering the members of the CDP.  We recommend that you read what he had to say to the Caucus…



Goodbye From Mike – at Least For now.
Those of you who are returning Progressive Caucus members probably noticed that I am not running for re-election as Chair.   After two years as a Vice Chair (or was it four?) and four years as the Chair, I am proud of what we have accomplished and the things we have learned.  It’s time to move on to other things, assured that the Caucus will be n good hands.As you are probably aware, I am running for Controller of the CDP.  My concern for the party is the of money from some corporations that put their interests above our platform and resolutions.  The result is that Caucuses, Central Committees, and DSCC members often hit a proverbial brick wall making progress on bills and propositions that we all believe in.  This only serves to make it more difficult to get our candidates elected and the quality of life improved for all Californians.

Most of the other candidates have picked up my mantra on weaning the party from this “Dark Money.” It needs to be carefully done and will take time, but we must take the mood of the country in mind and start.

The choice this Saturday is simple.  Elect a qualified (I was a controller in the film production and then the educational material industries in my professional life) person to be part of the team of officers to return us to being the “Party of the People.”  OR elect someone who has a history of raising money from those very industries that fight our platform and who may well have a conflict of interest by profiting from the position.

I hope you will vote for me for Controller and support me and the other officers in our work towards clean money.  Thank you in advance.
We are the Democratic Party!
Mike Thaller, Chair (for a few more days)
The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party


If you agree that the party needs to move back to the people and away from big corporations…

…Please support and vote for Mike Thaller for CDP Controller at the CDP Convention this weekend.
Contribute and/or Endorse.
Please don’t contribute or endorse if there may be the appearance of a conflict of interest

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Transparency, Accountability,
Positive Branding, Unity, Access,
Coalition Building, listening,
Bottom up and top down organization.
We are the CDP!

Mike Thaller, Chair
The Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party