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Fiona Ma

We are living in uncertain times. But one thing certain is that the California State Treasurer’s office will carry out our vital role as the state’s banker and do so in a way that protects staff and the public.

Need help? There’s a new “COVID-19 Resources” button on my website at with live links.

Have questions? Email me at

Beware of scammers: Government agencies will not call and ask for Social Security number, your bank accounts, or ask for payment over the phone.

Governor Newsom created a new hotline for seniors at 833-544-2374.

Get the real health and safety facts at

And don’t forget to register for the Census and be counted. It takes less than two minutes online here.

And use this calculator to see if you’re going to get $1,200 from the federal government.

Thank you! We will get through this together…stronger. Stay safe.

In peace and friendship,

Fiona Ma