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Jeff Bleich for Lieutenant Governor 2018 FPPC # 1396288

Valentine’s Day has always been special to our parents. It’s the same week as their half-anniversary (we know how dorky that sounds), so they call this week their “Week of Love” (gross).


Mom met Dad on her first day of college. The way Dad tells it, it was love at first sight. Our mom says it took a “bit longer” than that. But as time went on, they began dating and the following 37 years are history.

Like any partnership, our parents have supported each other even when times were tough. They spent years eating ramen and canned tuna in a small Boston apartment with a biker gang in the basement. Mom worked to pay the bills while our dad went to law school. And he supported her when she got her MBA. There was even the fateful incident where Dad decided at the last minute to run the Boston Marathon without training for it. Mom helped him up and down stairs for a week.

For our entire lives, whenever someone made a joke about dad running for political office, our mom’s favorite response was “If you run for office, you’ll be doing it with your second wife.” But after the 2016 election, it was Mom who urged Dad to run. They did it for us, and everyone else in our generation. As California faces climate change, rising housing prices, soaring tuition costs, lagging cybersecurity, and a rapidly changing economy, our mom’s point was that good policy wouldn’t be made if good people don’t run.

Mom and Dad have had to sacrifice a lot of “date nights” since the campaign started, so as their kids, we’re asking for this Valentine’s Day, would you consider donating $50 to his campaign so that he can take some time to celebrate the…“week of love?”

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Thank you for working with Dad to ensure that California will give us the same opportunities that it gave our parents. We’re grateful for your support.


Jake, Matthew, and Abby