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Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

Today we released our first campaign video and the news media is already talking about it.


From Politico: “FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: OPRAH, #WESAIDENOUGH AND WOMEN IN THE GOV’S RACE — Democrat Delaine Eastin, the former Superintendent of Public Instruction, is finally hitting hard with a pitch that could get her some real political traction and resonate with a crucial part of the electorate: her status as the only female candidate in the 2018 race for California governor. It opens with Oprah’s “new day” moment at the Golden Globes and notes “only 21.7 percent of California’s legislature is female — and we’ve never had a woman governor.” Watch the spot on YouTube here.

We have made a small ad buy on Facebook, but we need to do more. Will you contribute right now so we can expand our reach? If you are connected on ActBlue click below for an instant contribution:

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We need to remind people that even though California is seen as ground zero for the resistance, we still have major work to do in our own backyard to fight sexual harassment and to build a state that works for everyone. We can do this by electing more women to office and breaking the glass ceiling that is the governor’s office.

Tomorrow, Delaine supporters are joining forces all over California to participate in the women’s march. Delaine will be marching in San Diego. Click here to join us in your city.

Jennifer Rindahl