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Add your name: tell Senate Republicans you’ll fight to protect affordable health care.


The GOP won’t rest until they’ve repealed the Affordable Care Act — and they’re poised to try to do it in the next two weeks.

Senate Republicans are about to vote on the worst repeal bill yet. If it passes, millions of Americans could lose their coverage, insurance companies would be allowed to hike up premiums, and Obamacare’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions could be eliminated.

Mitch McConnell only needs 50 Republican votes to pass repeal. By some counts, he already has 48 or 49 lined up.

We need to fight back like never before. We’ve already proven that this grassroots movement can stop repeal. Now, we need to turn the heat all the way up.

Step up again and sign your name. Tell the GOP you’ll fight to protect our health care — and vote them out of office if they take it away.


Thanks — more soon.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee