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Dear Friend,

House Republicans cheered yesterday after they passed the GOP Tax Scam, the single biggest give-away ever to the ultra wealthy.  And Tom McClintock joined in the YES vote.

This disastrous scam paves the way to cut Medicare and Social Security, while increasing the deficit by over $1.5 trillion.  As a supposed deficit hawk, McClintock has clearly betrayed his own principles, in addition to betraying his constituents and their families.  Just moments after the House vote, protestors outside McClintock’s Roseville office rallied to show their anger and disappointment.

Most of the country opposes this bill, and we know that it is particularly bad for Californians. As first responders continue to battle one of the worst fires in California history, this bill eliminates the ability to deduct personal losses from fire disasters.  Not to mention limiting the deduction for property and SALT taxes, which will hit California harder than anywhere else in the United States.

Ask yourself, does McClintock represent you?   Clearly he does not. Please join Sierra Forward’s efforts to elect a someone who does.