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We wanted to make sure you saw this news from yesterday.

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Mike Pence’s high-dollar fundraising swing through CA-21 yesterday is bad news for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s a strong indicator that National Republicans are ready to go ALL IN to retake CA-21. To make matters worse, our last opponent former Rep. David Valadao was spotted attending events alongside Vice President Pence while he was in town.

We can’t say for sure what Republicans are planning in CA-21, but it’s clear they’re laying the groundwork to defeat us. We’ve been in this situation before, it’s crucial that we counter this fundraising push with some grassroots energy of our own.

In light of the news that Mike Pence was just fundraising for the GOP in TJ’s district, can you help us fight back with a contribution of $10? We wouldn’t be asking if this wasn’t important.

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