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On behalf of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, we’d like to you to join the Make it Fair Campaign town hall on Nov. 9th, 6 pm at the Carpenter’s Hall in downtown Bakersfield.

The DHF is a part of the the Make it Fair Coalition to end Corporate Tax Loopholes created by Proposition 13, and provide at least $9 billion in new revenues for education, health care, safety net and local government services.

As Donald Trump prepares to give big tax cuts to wealthy corporations and his billionaire friends, California will face massive budget cuts to essential services—taking away health care, education, environmental protections, job training—and even Meals on Wheels from millions of Americans.

The MAKE IT FAIR Coalition proposes to do away with a 39-year old tax loophole created by Prop 13 which will benefit these same wealthy corporations.  If we can close this loophole, we can provide billions of dollars every year for our communities and other critical state programs. Our proposal protects homeowners, renters and small businesses from tax increases, and targets those who have avoided paying their fair share for decades!


Please find the advisory attached along with the flyer and reach Juana Chavez at (661) 322-3033 ext 1214 or

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