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In less than three weeks, more than 1,000 young immigrants could face deportation each day. I’m disgusted that our president and Congress have put politics ahead of people — and I’m demanding action.

I’m demanding that Congress immediately pass a clean bill making the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program permanent. Will you join me by adding your name?

After President Trump unilaterally rescinded DACA in September, he set a March 5th deadline for Congress to replace it — but congressional leaders have refused to bring a bill to the floor to address this crisis.

Now, approximately 223,000 young Californians who registered with the Department of Homeland Security in return for protections under DACA, and hundreds of thousands more nationwide, could be forced to leave the only homes they’ve ever known.

Join me in putting pressure on Congress to take immediate action, before it’s too late.

Michael, this fight is personal to me.

My parents came to America with virtually nothing, dreaming of a better future. My father arrived with just three shirts, two pairs of pants, and hardly anything in his pocket. And despite the taunts and the ugly racial slurs, my family never gave up believing in the American Dream — just like millions of other immigrants that have come to this country believing in that dream.

In return, immigrants, like my parents, have helped make our nation and our communities stronger.

As governor, I will protect all our communities, and will continue to support legislation to make our state safe for immigrants. You can trust me to fight like hell to make sure immigrants have a path to citizenship, with the same access to opportunity that my family had.

But we can’t wait until after Election Day — our neighbors are at risk of losing their immigration status in mere weeks. We need to work together and demand action right now.

Join me in demanding Congress renew protections for Dreamers right now. Add your name.

Thanks for standing with me,


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