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Before President Trump officially announces his re-election campaign in Florida tonight, don’t forget he’s already lost… 34 times to us so far in court.

The President’s heartless immigration policies: blocked. Threats to strip away access to healthcare: challenged. Attacks on women’s rights: stopped.


The list goes on and on, Michael. President Trump’s extreme agenda has proven disastrous for families in California and across the nation. But we’re fighting back.



While President Trump announces “MAGA 2.0,” we’re fighting his “national emergency” in court. Next month, we’ll be arguing to save the entire Affordable Care Act.


Fights like these aren’t easy, but we won’t back down with so much on the line.


We have already secured 34 victories and counting. This is how we hold President Trump accountable: by challenging his shameful policies in court, we can overturn his worst attacks on Californians and people around the country.



The President has already lost, just look at our stack of court orders.



Xavier Becerra -- California Attorney General

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