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The nation looks to the California Democratic Party and its platform as the foremost expression of progressive ideals.

As your senior senator, I am proud to be waging many important progressive battles, championing our shared values, and being California’s voice of resistance against President Trump and his Republican allies in Congress.

Looking ahead to the California Democratic Party (CDP) convention later this month, I believe I am the candidate who can continue moving our progressive values forward in the Senate and opposing Trump’s divisive and dangerous agenda for California.

Trump and his Republican allies have tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act – but we stood strong and stopped them. Californians and Americans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare, and I will continue proposing solutions to make that possible for the millions of Americans still struggling with healthcare costs.

We need to continue to stand up to Trump. Dreamers and immigrants continue to be attacked by the Trump administration, and I am fighting to secure protections for DACA recipients. The Republicans still deny climate change, and President Trump is doing all he can to roll back the progress that my Democratic colleagues and I seek in the Senate. Finally, we must protect the economic gains made under President Obama and continue creating quality jobs with livable wages.

As we stand together toward the November election, California Democrats will lead progressives across the country in making our case to voters. It is crucial for us to win this November.

If you’re a California Democratic Party delegate, I’d be honored to have your support at the CDP convention February 24 in San Diego. If you plan on supporting me, can you let me know you plan on standing with me?

Please know that I am proud to work with you as we fight for our shared values, and I am thankful for all you do for our party.

Together, we can take our country back.