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You Can Effectively Inform Delegates Without The Big Purse at Convention

We are so excited with the Convention right around the corner and we want you to be really prepared!

While other people are pitching how great they are to you, we are working to make sure you get the attention your issues deserve, too. 

This is one convention hack to show others just how great your issues or candidate is, too. 

Photo of CDP Chair 2019 Campaign Card

The Modern Campaign Card for Grassroots Issues and Candidates

Grassroots can compete without selling out to dark money interests.

In 2016 I spent on average 14.9 cents per vote (received over 72,000 votes in AD 72 making it a targeted seat for 2018). I did it through branding. I used a red swirl that people recognized without even reading the words.

This convention many people will want to display their causes and ask other delegates to hop onto them. But what if you are grassroots and cannot afford to print out 5,000 flyers or worse, you spend your budget on all those flyers only to find out people are throwing them in the trash or you are just tired of lugging all that paper around convention?

Here is another hack (the solution). Make your business card work for you.  Notice I opted to make contacting me a priority by making that larger than merely going to my website. You may choose to do the opposite by enlarging font size for those (like me) who have difficulty reading small type. 

You can use as little as 3 issues to emphasize. If we want to advance this party toward cutting the puppet strings from suspect/dark money interests, then we need to market ourselves in more effective ways.

As your next Chair, we all level up and advance!  This is the new baseline we want to see in the party where everyone gets a seat at the table.

Lenore Albert
Candidate for CDP Chair

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