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Vaccinating as many U.S. adults as possible before July 4th will require everyone to pitch in.

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After more than a year of unspeakable loss and incredible resiliency, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Under President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ leadership, our nation is making progress against the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, California has one of the lowest coronavirus transmission levels in the U.S. Students are returning to classrooms. Weddings are resuming. We’re getting to hug our loved ones again.

But the truth is, we’ve got a long way to go to overcome this pandemic. 40% of U.S. adults have not yet gotten a vaccine. Many people continue to have questions about the vaccines or challenges getting vaccinated, especially in the communities hit hardest by the pandemic.

At the same time, communities of color continue to get vaccinated at lower rates than their white counterparts. That’s why California Democrats are joining forces with Made to Save in support of HHS’s National Vaccine Month of Action, which goes from June 5 – July 4th.

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When we rise together, there’s absolutely nothing we can’t accomplish. 

Vaccinating as many U.S. adults as possible before July 4th will require everyone to pitch in — to make calls, send texts, and talk to people face-to-face in our communities — answering questions and spreading the word about why it’s so important to get vaccinated.

Together, we can do this.

In Solidarity,

-California Democrats

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