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This week, Republicans in Washington, D.C. once again schemed to strip health care from tens of millions of Americans in our state and across the country.

California Democrats fought back and mobilized to stop this catastrophic legislation — and we won!

But to ensure that Trumpcare remains defeated — for good — Democrats need to take back the House of Representatives in 2018.

The California Democratic Party has organizers on the ground fighting to build the base to defeat Republican members of Congress up and down the state.

Every single one of California’s Republican congressional delegation voted in support of Trumpcare.

They voted for insurance companies to start discriminating again against those with pre-existing conditions and limit care with lifetime coverage caps. They voted to make enormous cuts to Medicaid and collapse individual insurance markets — stripping health care from millions.

If Republicans succeed in passing Trumpcare, people will get sick, and they will die. That’s what Trump’s California Congressional Clones voted for.

We must replace these Republicans with Democrats who will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act and fight for health care for all.

Thank you for continuing in this fight.

Democratically Yours,

Eric C. Bauman, R.N., Chair
California Democratic Party