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The Democratic National Committee put out its new requirements to qualify for the third debate and it includes an important test for this campaign — contributions from 130,000 unique donors.

I won’t sugarcoat it — we quickly qualified for the first set of debates, but we have to meet the challenge of this new goal and the sooner the better. 

I don’t have a political machine, I don’t come from money and I’ve spent the last couple of years helping other Democrats get elected — not laying the groundwork for a presidential campaign. Compared to some of the other 2020 candidates, that puts us at a disadvantage.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate just $1 today to help me qualify for the fall debates.

Some pundits are looking at this as a test to separate out the real contenders. We need to prove we have the momentum to make it.

I know we can do it, but we have to start now.

These debates are the best chance we have to bring our positive economic message directly to the people of this country. It’s critical that I’m there to make my case. Your $1 donation will go a long way to help make that happen. Please give now.