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I love Fresno, it’s the place where my parents met, where I was born and where I was educated. I’ve worked in Fresno for many years, I’m invested in making my community a better place to live for everyone.


I’m very conscious of the role Fresno plays in shaping the political landscape of the Central Valley and the State of California. I think you’ll agree that if we want good leaders in government, we need to help them win seats in 2018. Shaping our future political landscape starts with supporting local leaders down ticket. I’m asking for your support by donating to my campaign and helping me win this election.


I’m running for Trustee of Fresno Unified School District because I believe that a great community is made better by ensuring that every child receives a great education. Many children in my community are falling behind. I want to make sure that we are aligning our priorities and resources to help ensure that children from disadvantaged families have the attention and resources they need to break out of the cycle of poverty. I want children of color to have greater opportunities to go to college than to prison. I want the young women of my community to be empowered with an education that will help them break every glass ceiling they’ll encounter in reaching their highest potential. I want all children regardless of their gender or sexual identity or immigration status or religion to know that they are welcome and that they belong.


I’m a child of Mexican immigrants. My parents labored in the fields of the Central Valley as farm workers to ensure that their children would have better opportunities than they had. I am the first person in my family to graduate from a University. I am proof of the transformative power of education. This is my hope for every child in my district – that they too will have the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


All of our children should benefit from a school system that prioritizes their education, that ensures that their teachers are well equipped to give them a quality education and that invests in tools, technology and facilities that create the best environments for learning in today’s world. There is so much we need to work on to make our school system better. I’m committed to working on behalf of the students and families of my district. With your help, I will win.


To donate, please click the donate link below. Donations in any amount are valued. Thank you for your support.




Veva Islas

Candidate for Fresno Unified School District Trustee Area 4

Paid for by Islas for FUSD School Board 2018 FPPC# 1408904

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