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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Central Valley

Thank you Central Valley for your hospitality last week and we will back again shortly.  

You Have Been Asking About Standing Committees

You can participate and help the party by volunteering extra time serving on a standing committee. You can find a list of the committees here.

Traditionally, any delegate may apply online at for a standing committee. You do not need to have any special qualifications to get appointed. However, if you do have any special qualifications, please let them know what qualifications they are. Being dependable, showing up and helping out are great transferable skills, because showing up and pitching in are probably the most valuable asset looked for. The Chair and executive officers generally select persons to be appointed on the standing committees. 

I was appointed to the Credentials Standing Committee by former Chair John Burton in 2015.  In 2017, I was re-appointed to the Credentials Standing Committee and elevated to one of our several Co Chair positions. So I encourage you to seek an appointment even if you are new to being a delegate. There are people on the committee that will teach you what you need to do! 


Credentials Standing Committee Aug 2017

Standing committee rooms look different. Credentials Committee has the Chairs and Co-chairs generally sitting at a table in the front of the room and the other members are sitting on chairs facing the table. It is rare we get attendance from others, but all are welcome! Paperwork gets passed around and everyone discusses the issues before the committee. In other rooms, the entire committee literally sits at the table which is actually a huge configuration of a series of tables place in the shape of a horseshoe for all 30-45 members to sit at. It just depends on how they conduct business.


Compliance Review Commission.

You have heard a lot about the Compliance Review Commission lately (“CRC”). The Chairs from the Rules Committee and the Credentials Committee make up the CRC. They work outside of convention and E-board when party business decisions need to be made. For example, you may have been listening into their meetings by phone on the ADEM challenges that have been brought forth after the January elections.  These delegates are appointed based on their knowledge of how the party works and their familiarity with the rules, and the party history when it comes to disputes.  


Can I Work With the Legislature?

If a Delegate takes the time and effort to travel to another county just to ask me the question if I can work with the legislature if elected as Chair, I figure it is important enough to repeat here. The answer is yes, we can. In fact, I have a proven track record of it. I volunteered for several years with the Consumer Attorneys of California (“CAOC”) attending Justice Day in early May annually where we did just that. We lobbied for several consumer rights bills that were passed. If I recall correctly, CAOC ended up getting around eight bills signed one year. Eight! We can do anything, including working with the legislature. Check out the CAOC here.

Additionally, I used to be on the Amicus committee with the National Association of Consumer Advocates (“NACA”). NACA deals with consumer issues as well and our director and others have been called on Congress to give testimony on many consumer issues. You can check out NACA here

I have been volunteering my own time and money advocating for consumers years before entering politics, probably a lot like some of you. 


Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Domestic Abuse.

As a delegate and Central Committee member I spent a few years trying to get a person who had allegations of child abuse and domestic violence along with DUI conviction issues terminated to no avail. The other week I received an anonymous email asserting that the GOP has photos of this member of our delegation ready to be revealed as our candidates roll out for 2020 with this person by their side. It is politically unfair to the candidates and it is morally wrong to support such individuals. However, my voice has never been allowed to be heard at the local level on this issue. I have felt the blow back, yet continue to be a voice for the people victimized because when I was a younger woman, I was victimized myself giving me an understanding and empathy for those that come after me.  For people who are not members or delegates, they see a member of a political as very powerful. It is truly an unfair position and one I personally observed used against this victim in court. So I want to say I support and I understand the frustration that can and does occur when there is no fair process in place. There are loopholes that can be closed and if elected as the next Chair of this Party, I will make sure they are closed in a swift and proper manner.

I also strongly believe that a Chair of this Party must demonstrate fair justice in all situations. That means we need to treat every one of our members with fairness including demonstrating due process works and will be adhered to. For those that have heard me speak in person, you can attest that this was my position prior to this week.

The media and attention given to a pending lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court against the CDP brought by several employees and the commentary made thereon is an unfortunate example of what I mean. The commentary has not been fair to either Ms. Earley or the other plaintiffs or the CDP and other defendants or the third parties. All questions should be directed to the attorneys for Ms. Earley or the CDP because the case is in litigation and the attorneys representing the parties are the proper representatives to hear any inquiries.   

For some of the delegates who have been around for awhile, I am not saying anything that they do not already know, but my work place became the victim of workplace violence in 2014. It was my duty to seek protection for my employees and I did so. We already had policies and procedures in place so there wasn’t a stumbling block to overcome. As an employer and as a victim, I would have been horrified to see it displayed all over the press, unless I personally chose to do so. Please respect the parties enough to allow it to be their personal choice to go to the press or to not go to the press.

You will not find me publicly throwing out my opinion as to Ms. Earley’s veracity because she and others deserve due process. Likewise, you will not find me publicly throwing out my opinion as to Mr. Bauman or Mr. Larrimore-Hall’s veracity because they deserve due process, too. I have no first hand information to even make a ruling and it is not my ruling to make. Let the wheels of justice roll. If you were a party on one side or the other, you would want to have some impartiality given to you as well. 

For those that want an update, I have looked at the docket and it appears the first case management conference is set for May 20, 2019. I do not see a return of service of process filed nor any appearance by the CDP or Mr. Bauman. I do not see a notice or request of dismissal filed on behalf of Ms. Earley.  I have not and will not contact the CDP or Ms. Earley to inquire about these matters, because I am not going to interject myself into this dispute. It is my responsibility as a candidate running for Chair to remain neutral and fair. A Chair needs to have patience. Some of you are Chairs of Clubs or other committees, I think you can understand that this is the only logical and fair position to come from. It is the only professional one, as well.

With that said, it has been reported to me that some County Committees are misconstruing what it means to have a harassment free workplace or in this case,  a harassment free space for monthly meetings. The type of conduct varies. I implore the County Central Committee Chairs to seek out Third Party Vendors that train corporate staff and executives so they can identify what harassment is and the rules of the road.  For example, I heard one Chair has appointed a person who monitors the meetings in order to ensure no harassment takes place, but executes his position by harassing anyone that speaks to another member during the meeting.  I was not there but if even part of what was told to me is true, that is actually oppression and harassment by the chair by employing these tactics. Don’t make up rules. If you do not know them, say so, members are forgiving. We are all volunteers here. Using bully tactics to cast another person as a bully for the sole purpose of getting them out of the delegation is harassment. It appears this topic has become toxic and politicized. If elected as Chair, I will make it a priority to get the resources needed to all County Chairs and Regional Directors so that all leaders from the Dem Clubs to E-board members have a firm and uniform understanding what harassment is or is not. We cannot continue with this circular firing squad and survive.  It only takes a few politically motivated delegates to take down the whole bunch. I will do everything in my power to prevent that. This level playing field, will be truly level. It is the only way we advance.


Campaign Messaging. We Have a Housing Crises That The Voters Need to Hear About!

There are twelve Presidential Debates for 2020. The first of six start in June and go through to the end of the year. You have state and local candidates you want to win. A successful campaign is one where the voters understand the candidate’s language. In most parts of this state, we have a housing crises. It could be the lack of affordable housing, homelessness issues, city council corruption with developers, zoning issues, rental issues, or lack of economic growth and opportunity. Anyway you cut it, it is a housing crises. Do not wait for the Chair’s race to be over because you have a primary date in March 2020. For the newer delegates working campaigns, this year you will be competing with printing houses for campaign materials to be produced. This is not the year you wait to start campaigning because the Presidential races have the six month timeline down to a tee. If you did not gather the community issues at your ADEM elections, it is not too soon to figure out a way to canvass and harvest that information now. Every region is unique. Good luck!

P.S. Bad but not unexpected news. Court of Appeal found the ballot issue moot! 🙁 


Answer To Last Week’s Question

Last week I asked you if you wanted to have a longer convention so that the Caucus times did not overlap so much. You answered with a tie: The delegation was evenly split on whether we should just keep the convention limited to the weekend (1) or whether it should be extended to 4-5 days if costs were not an issue (3).


This Week’s Question
What is your number one priority as a delegate?

1. Getting an Issue that Is Important to you considered and passed through the Legislature (changing or adding a law)
2. Flipping local or state seats from Red to Blue or Blue to Bluer in your area.
3. Getting a certain candidate elected/reelected in 2020.
4. Ensuring issues that are important to you remain good law within the state.
5. Bringing more campaign dollars to your district.
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