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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



LA’s Largest Dem Club, Nevada and Tulare Counties Endorse Ellis
The East Area Progressive Dem. Club of Los Angeles, County Central Committees
and other activist groups continue Ellis’ endorsement momentum.

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OAKLAND, Calif. (April 26, 2017): Kimberly Ellis continues to enjoy a strong majority of support from central committee members throughout California and grassroots Democratic club activists up and down the state, as evidenced by the latest endorsements from Nevada County and Tulare County Democratic Central Committees, as well as nine clubs. The East Area Progressive Democratic Club, Los Angeles’ largest Democratic club, endorsed Ellis with a vote of 35 to 4, Nevada County at 18 to 1, Tulare County at 10 to 6, Feel the Bern Democratic Club of LA at 39 to 3 and Sunnyvale Democratic Club at 31 to 2.

“We need an inclusive, participatory, team-building approach to building our party and victories ahead in all parts of our state. Our members with their overwhelming vote show that Kimberly Ellis is whom they trust to deliver on these important goals we can achieve together.” said Hector Huezo, Treasurer of East Area Progressive Democratic Club of Los Angeles.

“Ms. Ellis inspires both life-long Democrats and newer activists. She sees the immediate needs of the party and understands the long term goals for a Democratic future. She will fight for both urban and rural communities in our state. With Kimberly as Chair, the Democratic Party will be a bigger tent, with a future that we in Nevada County and all of California need,” the Nevada County Central Committee provided in its written endorsement statement.

Ellis also picked up the endorsements of the following clubs:
Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
East Area Progressive Democratic Club of Los Angeles
El Cerrito Democratic Club
Feel the Bern Democratic Club of Los Angeles

Fontana Democratic Club

Hayward Area Democratic Club

Millennials for Revolution

Sunnyvale Democratic Club

Truman Club of the Inland Empire

“Something is happening here in California. Certainly, we still have a lot of healing to do with respect to last year’s primary. But as I’ve said, we can’t just be against something, we have to be for something. I’m tremendously proud that our state is coming together, getting this party back to basics and redefining what it means to be a Democrat. Of course, there’s always going to be some conflict – we’re Democrats after all. Healthy back and forth debate and dialog is a strength, not a weakness. Bland uniformity is for the other guys. We’re rebuilding our party in a bigger, better, bolder way,” said Ellis.


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