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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



As a public educator working with special needs kids, politics is not my world. But since it’s Mother’s Day, the kids and I thought a gift we could give Kimberly (aka Mom) is a well-deserved day off and take a swing at this campaign thing. Think you’d agree, all moms deserve to be pampered a bit today.

Over the past two years, we’ve watched her expand Emerge California and run for Chair of the largest state Democratic Party in the nation, yet all the while making sure dinner was made each night, groceries were bought, kids made it to school, laundry was done and after school pick up and drop off happened.

It hasn’t been easy to have her gone on the campaign trail, but we believe in what she is doing. For us, you are all seeing the superstar we know as the rock of our family. You’re learning that Kimberly’s word is her bond. That she rises to meet every challenge with grace, humility and courage.

We are so proud of her and know she will not let you down, just like she’s never let us down.

Sure, we’ve been bummed when she can’t make sports events or the nights she has to spend away when she’s traveling. As a family, we’ve made this sacrifice and shared this very special woman because we know she will take care of all of you and the California Democratic Party the same way she takes care of us – exceptionally well.

On behalf of our family, we’d like to wish a very special Mother’s Day to all the moms, single dads and those who are mothering in our communities; and a special shout out to those working moms who manage to accomplish more in an hour than most of us do in a day. You are all superstars.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With Democratic Love – James, Callie and Ellis
The Ellis Fuller Family

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