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Kevin has served in the California State Legislature for 11 years, and has been the Senate President pro Tempore since 2014.

While you know his background well, many of your neighbors, friends, and family may not.

When primary voters are faced with the choice between more of the same with Senator Diane Feinstein and a bold, new progressive agenda from Kevin, we’ll need every voter to be as informed as possible.

That’s why we’re sharing this interview with Kevin in The Nation, and why we hope you’ll chip in $5 or whatever you can afford to help Kevin get his message out to California voters.

With the California Democratic Convention less than three weeks away, it’s more critical than ever that we have the resources needed to reach California Democrats.

 If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

Here’s Kevin’s commitment to this grassroots campaign, as told in The Nation: 

“I will travel up and down the state of California, and take my message directly to the voters. It’s a grassroots campaign, as it should be…. Senator Feinstein hasn’t had a primary challenge since 1994, and half the voters in California believe she shouldn’t run again. She doesn’t line up with what Californians believe are the most pressing issues of the day: climate change, Medicare for all, the minimum wage.”

In the interview, Kevin also makes it clear what his three main priorities in Congress will be: 

Safeguarding our environment and combating climate change. Achieving Medicare for all. And passing comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform.

If you’d like to see a forceful advocate for progress in the U.S. Senate, chip in to our campaign today.

Thank you,

Team KDL