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Good morning Fresno County Democrats,

At the last central committee meeting I made an announcement regarding the memorial for Casey Haggard, who was a transgender woman brutally murdered in Fresno and left to die on the street. July 23 marks the two year anniversary of Casey’s murder; her case remains unsolved despite FBI investigation of the murder as a hate crime and video evidence of the murder.

It is deeply concerning for the LGBTQ community of Fresno that a murderer capable of stabbing someone in the throat unprovoked remains on the loose. Transgender people are murdered at far higher rates than cisgender (not-transgender) people.

To commemorate the loss of Casey and renew calls for justice, I invite all Fresno Democrats to attend this action on July 22nd at 9pm. Flyer is attached.

As some of you may know, I am now an Executive Member At-Large of the LGBT Caucus of the California Democratic Party. One of the primary reasons I ran for the caucus is because I feel that the local Democratic community is largely absent from LGBTQ causes. Democrats love to show up to Pride and wear rainbow colors but when queer people like Imer Alvarado are gunned down on the streets of Fresno, Democratic leaders are nowhere to be found.

Please support the transgender community in a tangible, meaningful way.

Thank you for your time,

Emily Cameron

Executive Member-At-Large, LGBT Caucus of the California Democratic Party

Emily N. Cameron
Community Organizer
Freelance Journalist