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This is big — Xavier just secured another victory against President Trump, blocking his illegal money grab for a wasteful border wall: 
Developing Story: 

Los Angeles Times: “Trump broke the law by using military money for border wall, appeals court rules”

The trend line is clear — we’re building strong momentum. Today’s win joins dozens of other court victories and it comes a week after Xavier’s win on DACA at the Supreme Court. 
Trump thinks he can: 
  • Rip away healthcare from our families
  • Rollback decades of civil rights progress 
  • AND steal billions of dollars for his border wall
Jeff: Not on our watch. As we keep making that clear and holding Trump’s harmful agenda accountable to the law, will you stand with Xavier in the fight toward victory and progress? 
Today’s ruling affirms something simple, but fundamental to our democracy: No one is above the law — including the President of the United States.
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