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Fiona Ma

Anyone who knows me knows that March is my favorite month of the year. It’s probably not hard to guess why, but just in case you are confused, it’s because it’s my birthday month! Most people celebrate just one day, but not me — I celebrate the entire month. Who doesn’t love a good party!

It’s hard to believe that the primary election is just over four months away. The campaign is going strong, and we are continuing to build momentum everyday. Early March brings me home to San Francisco, and the campaign has two amazing fundraisers planned to help me celebrate my birthday.

Wedne‌sday, M‌arch 7‌, 201‌8 — Birthday Celebration @ Hotel Via

  • Hosted By: Trevar Booker, Hala Hijazi, Barbara Perzigian, Keena Turner, Collin Wong & Eric Wright
  • Special Guests: Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr. & Joe O’Donoghue

Thurs‌day, M‌arch ‌8, 201‌8 — Karaoke Bash @ The Mint

I really hope you will come and celebrate with me — it wouldn’t be the same without you. If you can’t make it, please consider donating anyways. We really need the help to get our message out.


Stay tuned for the announcement of my birthday events in Southern California: I will have one in L‌os ‌Angeles on Ma‌rch 1‌ and in S‌an Di‌ego on Ma‌rch 2‌0.

All the Best,


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