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Rusty for Chair

On March 15th, I developed and signed a non-retaliation pledge and policy. I ask that you review and consider joining me in signing it. Thank you for your consideration. 

A Commitment from a Candidate for Chair of the California Democratic Party

Our next Chair must both acknowledge our Party’s past and choose a different way forward. We must repair the pain and suffering of victims of sexual harassment that was only exacerbated by a culture of fear and intimidation that allowed that misconduct to go unreported. We must choose a better way forward that ensures our Party is a safe place for every Democrat who is committed to making California a better place.

The current election for Chair provides our Party the opportunity to reset, repair, and reform to build an even stronger, unified Party that works for everyone. And, the manner in which each candidate for Chair conducts themselves throughout this campaign will set the tone and culture for the future of our Party.  

Therefore, I commit to the following:

  1. Neither I nor my campaign team will disparage the background, qualifications, or viewpoints of another candidate, their campaign team, or their supporters. They will make their case. I will make mine. Delegates will decide.   
  2. Neither I nor my campaign team will harass, threaten, intimidate or retaliate against any Delegate who seeks to engage in the election for Chair – whether they choose to support me, another candidate, or no candidate at all. This includes any attempts to alter any present or future opportunities of leadership, employment, or access.
  3. In the event my supporters engage in activities expressed in (1) and (2), I will call upon them to disengage from such activities immediately.
  4. I commit to proactively seek the necessary policy and bylaws changes – including the suspension and/or removal of the Chair – to prevent any future misconduct, harassment of, or retaliation against anyone who participates in or is involved with our Party.

I swear to abide by the above commitments.


Rusty Hicks

Candidate for Chair of the California Democratic Party

Rusty for Chair · 1443 E Washington Blvd, #199, Pasadena, CA 91104, United States 

You can also keep up with Rusty for Chair on Facebook. 

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