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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

In recent years, we have begun to take for granted the fact that California is a blue state. But if you scratch the surface, Republicans have actually held the governorship for 23 of the past 34 years. Recent polling shows Republican John Cox gaining ground. Fox News Suggests John Cox Could Be California’s Next Governor.

Now, John Cox has launched an all-out assault on two of our male democratic opponents. Cox Brings Up Affairs of Male Democratic Opponents Newsom and Villaraigosa affairs coming to TV ads in California.

Right now, California is leading the resistance to Trump. But Cox is hitting hard on the unfortunate reality that California is failing too many of our own residents on a daily basis. And Cox is pointing out that if one of these two candidates is in the runoff, a republican could pull it off.

Voters are looking for a change, and even though one candidate has been running for governor for over TEN years, and spent MILLIONS of dollars, he has never polled above 30%.    

Delaine Eastin is the real change voters are looking for. In the past few weeks, nearly 500,000 people have viewed our first video. Over 100,000 have now viewed our second video about Delaine’s willingness to stand up to pharmaceutical companies. We have over 1,000 volunteers making calls and texting voters. 

We aren’t interested in tearing down our opponents, we are interested in elevating Delaine’s clear and honest message about how she will lead us forward. Can you donate today, so we can hit 1,000,000 views on Delaine’s videos by the end of the week? 

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Jennifer Rindahl

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