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Janz Hosts Over a Dozen August Recess Events While Nunes Takes International Trips on Taxpayer’s Dime

FRESNO, CA (September 4th, 2018) – We’ve had a busy month over here at the Andrew Janz campaign! Andrew has held 15 public events across California’s 22nd District. He has reached out to several Nunes constituents to try and affect change in the Central Valley. The election countdown passed the 90-day mark, we also reported July earnings that ranked at 7th in the nation for online Democratic fundraising and 2nd in the nation for Democratic Congressional campaigns.


August Recess is supposed to a be time for Members to reconnect with their constituents. Instead, Nunes spent his recess abroad, avoiding his constituents and using taxpayer dollars to fund his escapades.


While Nunes is wasting taxpayer money to fly around the world, Andrew traveled across the Valley meeting with hard-working families and pledged to hold four town halls a year if voted into Congress in California’s 22nd Congressional District. The Valley deserves a representative who goes to Washington to fight for them and their families, not take corporate PAC checks and handouts paid for by the taxpayer.


Below is a list of the events Andrew held this past month:


· Fresno Meet and Greet (Scott Polenz) – August 5

o Andrew met with Nunes constituents in an intimate face-to-face setting. He met with several voters who cared about local politics and accurate representation.


·  Senior Issues Town Hall (Clovis) – August 8

o In his first of two town halls this month, Janz met with senior citizens about their concerns with the current state of American politics. He answered pressing questions on Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and VA reform among other issues.

·  Exeter Meet and Greet (Garrick Peterson) – August 9

o Andrew traveled to the South Central Valley to speak with around forty-five folks who wanted to know what he stood for. There, he spoke on the recently released Nunes tapes from MSNBC and talked about issues like health care and water for the Valley.

·  Squaw Valley Meet and Greet (Sierra Peaks Winery) – August 10

o Janz foraged into the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas to reach those often forgotten voices. He spoke with passionate voters on the outskirts of the district about issues that matter to them.

· Canvassing in Reedley (with AJ) – August 11

o For this event, Andrew went out with his volunteers and interns to garner support in Reedley.

·  Latina Women’s Conference – August 15

o At the mid-month point, Janz went out to pledge his support for Latina women at the 22nd annual Central Valley Latina Women’s Conference.

·  Visalia Meet and Greet (Planing Mill) – August 15

o Andrew once again made his way to the South Central Valley to speak with voters at a local restaurant. Here, he was able to share a slice and tackle big issues with Visalia voters.

· Volunteer Pizza Party (Janz Visalia Office) – August 17

o Janz held a pizza party for his volunteers and got more out to canvass and phone bank for the campaign.

·  Fresno Rotary Club Meeting – August 20

o Already a member of the club, it was easy for Andrew to speak on the ethics of being a public servant through the lens of a prosecutor. He also spoke about the tough decisions he’s had to make when people’s lives are dependent on the outcome.

·  Radio Bilingue Roundtable – August 23

o Andrew reached out to his Latino supporters through Spanish-speaking radio station Radio Bilingue. He was asked questions regarding the ACA, DACA, clean water for the Valley, and corrupt politicians in Washington. Listen to it here.

·  Jazzed for Janz – August 24

o Local musicians lent their talents to an evening of live music, dancing, and food while Andrew got to know his voters in a more casual, personal fashion.

·  Fresno Canvassing (with AJ) – August 25

o Andrew once again showed some love to his volunteers by going out and walking precincts with them.

·  West Goshen Meet and Greet – August 26

o Janz went out to, again, a much-neglected part of the 22nd. He met avid voters in Goshen, a small town immediately outside of Visalia and offered accurate representation.

·  Fresno Meet and Greet (Linda Traynor) – August 28

o Andrew met with people interested in the campaign. He offered an intimate setting for speaking to potential supporters.

·  Tulare Town Hall – August 29

o Janz wanted to gain support in Tulare, Nunes’ hometown. He held a town hall for curious citizens to come out and ask questions about his stances on political corruption, clean water, and immigration with respect to reform and labor.


Find photos of Janz’s August Recess here.




Andrew Janz is a Deputy District Attorney for Fresno County, where he was assigned to the Violent Crimes Unit before entering the race against 8- term incumbent Rep. Devin Nunes after his infamous midnight Uber trip to the White House last spring. Andrew Janz is 34 years old and resides in Fresno with his wife Heather and their two dogs.

Devin Nunes is the 8 term incumbent for California Congressional District 22 who became a national lightning rod after his midnight trip to the White House in 2017. Most recently Devin Nunes has come under national and local scrutiny for his most recent ethical missteps in spending thousands of campaign dollars on Boston Celtics tickets, wine tours, and Las Vegas getaways.