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TJ Cox for Congress

BREAKING: Ivanka Trump just headlined a fundraiser in Fresno, CA (CA-21) that raised $3.1 million for vulnerable Republicans like David Valadao. We’re asking supporters to help counter this massive haul by chipping in to elect Democrat TJ Cox in CA-21.

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Not exactly the news we wanted to start our Tuesday with, Michael.

One of the Republicans’ biggest fundraising nights of the election cycle just took place right in our backyard in Fresno, CA.

Ivanka Trump headlined the fundraiser for the GOP’s “Protect the House” committee, which was specifically created to protect vulnerable targets like David Valadao from our blue wave. Politico reports she raked in a staggering $3.1 MILLION in the one-night event. We’re stunned.

If we’re going to flip this California seat WE MUST prove that this blue wave is real by matching their deep-pocketed donors with our grassroots energy. Can you donate now to elect TJ Cox to Congress and send Trump’s loyal foot soldier packing?

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David Valadao knows he’s on thin ice for voting lock-step with Republicans’ backward agenda to destroy health care, give corporate tax breaks, and slash Medicare funding for his constituents.

But he’s doubling down on his allegiance to Trump’s inner circle so he can access their cash and stay in power.

We need your help to hold Valadao accountable by unseating him in 2018. Chip in a donation to elect TJ Cox and flip CA-21 >>

Thanks for your support.

TJ Cox for Congress